Saturday, May 7, 2011


Two days. 
Two very busy and hectic days. 
Two days that are coming way to soon. 

Today was filled with practices galore. and me learning how to make good rhymes. 
(Thanks dad for all your help!). 

After practice, I celebrated a good friend (sweet Claire!)'s birthday with dinner at olive garden. She just thought it was your everyday graduation celebration dinner. Lo and behold it was really to celebrate her! And since then, I've been sitting in their apartment. decorating caps. and rhyming some more. (If I was really good, i would try and make this rhyme as well but I'm way too tired). 

See at Meredith, many of us decorate our gaps for graduation. And my friends and I had an unplanned decorating party. Mine was already done so I helped some people with theirs! 
It was so much fun and relaxing and just what I needed.  And in return, they helped me with my rhymes.  We discovered the elevator was a great source of inspiration (along with 

we got to remember, smile and giggle. and this will be one of those nights i look back on and am thankful. 

so thank you to my wonderful friends. you helped make my time at Meredith even the better. 

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